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E.N.D-Plate is the newest state-of-the-art technology to strip electroless nickel deposits. E.N.D.-PLATE is a buffered stripper, which will not etch the exposed base metals during the stripping process. NEVER dump tanks again, eliminating dumping of toxic and hazardous wastes!

  • NEVER DUMP TANKS AGAIN – Oldest bath dates back to March 1982, and still going strong.
  • NON-SULFURIC –  E.N.D. PLATE replaces cyanide strippers                    
  • COST EFFECTIVE– Cost to operate is 10% of Cyanide based strippers        
  • FAST ACTING STRIPS 2-3 mils of electroless nickel per hour.                
  • SHIPS AS A LIQUIDready to use, no diluting required.                                                         
  • E.N.D-Plate does not attack silver braze. Will not remove anything except electroless nickel. No electro deposited nickels except aluminum. 
  • OPERATION:                                                           
  • CONCENTRATION: Shipped as a liquid, ready to use with no dilution.                
  • TANK: Mild steel- cathodic          
  • TEMPERATURE: Room temperature- 150°F            
  • CURRENT: Reverse current 3-6 volts, 30-60 amps per square foot  
  • TIME: Rate of removal 2-3 mils per hour, depending upon thickness of Electroless Nickel deposit.          
  • WET or DRY: E.N.D-Plate’s tolerance for water, parts can be introduced into the strip solution wet or dry. Post rinse waters can be re-added by simply evaporating down the solution to accommodate the rinse water additions. NOTE: Fog rinsing is recommended for the post-rinse to reduce the volume of rinse water that is reintroduced into the E.N.D-Plate solution.                                
  •  A minimum cathode to anode ratio of 1.5 to 1 must be maintained for effective stripping. Stripping electroless nickel from copper to brass, although not generally recommended without close observation.    
  • Removal of 0.0005 MIL thick deposits can be accomplished with a bath temperature not exceeding 90°F – 3 volt maximum, reverse current.                                                                   On Brass alloys some de-zincification can be expected on high current density areas.             
  • CONTROL:                
  • If the stripping rate slows down make add additional E.N.D-PLATE. At some point over dilution of E.N.D-Plate will affect stripping rate. When this occurs, addition of E.N.D-Plate, as supplied, is needed. Evaporation of the solution may be needed to accommodate the addition.  Raising the temperature to boiling point to lower solution will not harm E.N.D-Plate.                                
  • If misting occurs, the use of 1″ polypropylene balls on solution surface is recommended. Hooks or fixtures used for stripping parts should be of “like” materials,  (steel for steel or iron parts, aluminum for aluminum parts).


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E.N.D-Plate is proudly made in America