JOOCY-LOOB is the FIRST and only lubri-CAN!                               Available in Solid Stick or Liquid Lubri-CAN!                           

JOOCY-LOOB is a multi-purpose, environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-staining, non-aerosol lubricant with excellent penetrating qualities, excellent for small tight spaces, supplying maximum lubricity for extended duration.  Bonds to all surfaces, attracting NO dust, dirt, or other contaminants. Excels as a penetrant, machining lubriCAN, dry film agent, mold release, and THOUSANDS more uses!self-cooling machining, dry film, mold release, and anti-seize agent.

A radically different non-staining ‘Greaseless Grease’. Reduces the coefficient of friction between the cutting edge tools, and most metals that are drilled, tapped or sawn. Excellent for metalworking: forming, stamping, milling, cutting, reaming, punching, rolling, drawing, shearing, grinding, extruding, and more.

  • EXTREME TEMPERATURE RANGES Joocy Loob can handle extreme temperature ranges from -50°F to 1900°F without breakdown.
  • EXTREME TEMPERATURE RANGES Joocy Loob can handle extreme temperature ranges from -50°F to 1900°F without breakdown.
  • ANTI-STATIC DOES NOT attract dirt, dust, or lint
  • COST SAVINGS Joocy Loob will last up to 25 times longer than competitor products
  • NON_STAINING safe for fabrics, alloys, wood, metals, marble, concrete, granite, slate
  • Drill deeper, faster, longer, easier, at twice the speed or faster, creating perfect holes of any size. No egging or oblong holes.
  • Greatly REDUCES STRESS corrosion due to elimination of stress risers in many metals.
    • American Airlines:   CPN#5564374, CPN#5573046, CPN#5570584
    • Pratt & Whitney:       PMC 9268-1 thru PMC 9268-11
    • McDonnell Douglas: DPM 6245
    • Disneyland stock #:  9150
    • Federal Aviation Adm: PR#716461001, PR#716460001

             *JOOCY LOOB has THOUSANDS OF USES*              


  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Elevators
  • Marine Industry
  • Ammunition Plants
  • Manufactures of wood products
  • Railroad Industry
  • Farm Industry
  • Hospitals


                    AUTOMOTIVE USES FOR JOOCY-LOOB LIQUID                       

slipping transmissions: Add 8 oz of Joocy-Loob liquid to transmission fluid to help restore to running condition.

gasoline or diesel fuel additive: Add 6 oz of Joocy-Loob liquid to fuel tank to clean any gummed up valves by removing carbon and providing much needed librication. Lubricates valves, lifters and upper cylinder. Due to Joocy-Loobs unique temperature range in excess of 1900+ degrees F, ENGINE NOISE & ENGINE WEAR both reduced up to 50%. No fouling of spark plugs.

penetrating lubricant: Joocy-Loob surpasses all others. Use on manifold stubb bolts or rusted nuts and bolts. One recent customer of a auto parts store had a 1966 Mercury Cyclone, the manifold hadn’t been off in 30 years. A 1/2″ breaker bar wouldn’t budge the stubb bolts. After applying JOOCY-Loob a 3/8″ breaker bar used ZERO EFFORT to release and remove!

drive shaft U-joint squeaks: Vehicles can squeak after lubrication, JOOCY-LOOB sprayed in the U-joints protect and lubricate for 1 year+

doors, locks, sliding/moving parts: Eliminate stuck rusted parts and squeaks in all moving parts, springs, joints are SILENCED for up to 3 years between applications of JOOCY-LOOB. Locks in the column and shifters are freed up and glide like new.

unseizing 5 H.P. Briggs & Stratton: Rental companies apply 4 oz of JOOCY-LOOB liquid thru spark plug hole, spark plug was removed. 2 pints of Joocy-Loob in an oil reserve, engine was started up and ran.

front end rubber grommets: JOOCY-LOOB is the only known non-dust and dirt attracting lubricant safe on rubber grommets. Rental companies using JOOCY-LOOB no longer have any problems with grommets being destroyed. Joocy-Loob eliminates friction and squeaks.

fan belt dressing: spray JOOCY-LOOB liquid behind the gears and cover the fan belts completely, the engine will run quieter and smoother.

heater/radiator cooling fan motors: Apply only 4 oz of JOOCY-LOOB liquid into bearings and plastic fans on radiator fans that have began to rattle and emit noise and restore to like new. The cost of these fans exceed $100 minimum which is all saved from only 4 oz of JOOCY-LOOB.

battery post sealer: Apply 1-2 applications of JOOCy-LOOB to seal, protect, stop corrosion and extend the life of your battery terminals.

throttles, linkage and governors: Throttle control cables from JOHN DEERE such as a 4320 cable was frozen and rusted. CutterX was first applied to clean and then 1 spray of JOOCY-LOOB returned the cables to a better than new operation. These cables cost approx $150 each and was restored to better than new with one spray! Used by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Senior mechanic, Kansas City, stated the engine had never functioned correctly when new from the factory. The mechanic applied JOOCY-LOOB liquid to the throttle, linkage, and governor and began working better than new!

water pumps: 3 oz of Joocy-Loob liquid added to radiator will lubricate the water pump

chrome polish: Joocy-Loob liquid is not recommended for paint polishing even though tests show no corrosive effects or damage. Only bumpers or other chrome is recommended to be cleaned and polished.

dirt barrier: Joocy-Loob does NOT attract DIRT or DUST! Clean surface thoroughly first with CUTTERX cleaner/degreaser and apply Joocy-Loob 

air tool lubricant: Joocy-Loob liquid coats and provides a lubrication barrier and will stay running with minimum power pickup and torque pickup of 30% or greater! Lubrication is extended from once a month to once EVERY THREE MONTHS! Air tool rental companies are extending the life of their tools by 2-3 x’s the LIFE. Water is a constant problem in the air lines, all lubricants prior and excluding Joocy-Loob experience two problems: first, the oil is water soluable and washes away upon contact or second, oils used have usually a minimum of 5% sulphur (same acid as a car battery and just as destructive to bearings and nylon trigger components). Nylon is no longer a problem, Joocy-Loob is plastic safe. 

crack detector: Spray Joocy-Loob liquid onto aluminum or cast iron heads and waiting for drying (approx 15-30 min) and if any cracks, they will be present by Joocy-Loobs unique white, clean color. 

drilling, tapping, machining: Joocy-Loob is the 1st universal machining lubricant, plastic safe, non-staining to wood and facilitates machining of all known metals. Spring steel, stainless, steel, Hasteloy X, Inconel, Stellite, and cast iron. Cutting tools last a minimum of 5-25 x’s longer! Almost all metals drill and tap easily and cutting tools are cool to the touch. Fire Departments use Joocy-Loob liquid to extend the life of tools and equipment and ease of machining!

grinding valve guides and seats: Apply Joocy-Loob liquid to valve guides and valve seats for a mirrored finish. Galling is eliminated. A auto parts house ruined a set of Aluminum heads trying to grind the face of the heads, Aluminum had built up on the edge of cutting tools and they were ruined beyond repair. This could have been avoided using Joocy-Loob. Save time, tools, and money with Joocy-Loob.

wrist pins: Auto parts house and Mechanical repair experienced galling of wrist pins when assembling new parts. Joocy-Loob liquid was tested and the problems was cured forever.

  • lubricant for chains, locks, air tools, fishing reels, shears, conveyor lines, sliding doors, windows, drawers


  • *Joocy loob does not contain dangerous chlorides. Chlorides have been found to cause liver damage and cancer. JOOCY LOOB is environmentally friendly and does NOT contain any of the following ingredients that are typically found in competitors lubricants and can cause serious health conditions in persons after prolonged usage.
  • no chlorinated solvents
  • no heavy metals
  • no grease and oils
  • no nitrites and nitrosomines
  • no phenol’s
  • no paraffin, tallow, candle wax, lard
  • no Teflon™
  • no silicone™
  • no Vaseline™
  • no sulfur
  • no metallic stearates
  • no soap. Insoluble in cold water
  • no turpentine



 JOOCY LOOB solid lubricant is available in the following sizes:

  • 2″ x 3″,  2″ x 6″, 2″ x 9″ Grease Cartridges.
  • Custom sizes available. Inquire for further information



Environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-staining liquid non-aerosol lubricant with excellent penetrating qualities, excellent for small tight spaces, supplying maximum lubricity for extended durations.  Bonds to all surfaces, attracting no dust, dirt, or other contaminants. Excels as a penetrant, machining lubriCAN, dry film agent, mold release, and THOUSANDS more uses!