Well known equipment manufacturers endorse and use JOOCY-LOOB liquid in their reloading equipment to enhance the operation, extend the life, and reduce time. JOOCY-LOOB liquid is excellent for reloading & resizing equipment. Joocy-Loob does NOT desensitize gunpowder or attract residue. Extends life of cartridge, lubricates shells with minimal application of product and NO cleaning necessary. Does NOT attract DUST or DIRT. Excels in extreme hot/cold temperatures. Lasts up to 3 years.

JOOCY-LOOB does not contain oils or sulfur. Many other products contain damaging sulfurs and oils, which sulfur is oil based and turns into acid, rusting when in contact with rain, sleet, snow etc… JOOCY-LOOB is a PROTECTIVE RUST-INHIBITOR and is NON-CONDUCTIVE.


Resizing: most people put .223 30-30 – 30-06 shells into a bucket 2’3″ deep and mist with Joocy-Loob. Enables release of neck cartridge easier than any other lube.

Tournament shooting: Apply Joocy-Loob to pins and extractors for tournament shooting. Gun never fouls, does NOT attract dust or dirt, No residue of exploded gunpowder. Shoot straighter and longer.

Shotgun Shells: Gun enthusiasts lubircate entire bore of gun, so there is no smearing of lead or bullet. New shells have plastic wadding and JOOCY-LOOB eliminates build-up in bores of shotgun. Tests using an SKS Assault weapon, exhibited a tighter or smaller pattern after using JOOCY-LOOB

Black Powder: Hunting in extreme cold temperatures are NOT a problem with JOOCY-LOOB extreme temperatures. JOOCY-LOOB excels in the cold with ease! Spray JOOCY-LOOB on a cloth, cotton patches, wadding and let dry before cutting up patches. Joocy-Loob will NOT freeze or rust.

Slides: Apply JOOCY-LOOB to slides and they will work perfectly to elimate metal to metal friction.

*Lasting affect testimonials: Numerous hunting customers state they only lubricate their guns only ONCE during Duck hunting season.